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The Attic Lift

The Attic Lift is a platform lift system for your home.  Easily installed in your garage or other suitable area, our lift system makes it possible for you to move heavy storage into your attic safely and with ease.  

The Attic Lift is a steel platform connected to a motorized system that allows you to move items from the floor to the attic without the use of the attic stairs.  Use of the attic stairs is tiresome and is extremely dangerous.  We have eliminated the hassle by developing a safe and easy storage solution that will allow you to utilize the storage space in your home’s attic.

Most new homes and many existing homes are designed to accommodate heavy attic loads. The Attic Lift is the perfect addition to help you maximize the potential of your entire home.  

We are the original creators of the attic lift system. We have been designing and installing our high quality lifts for over 10 years. We hold several US patents for our design. We offer standard lifts and can create a custom lift to meet most any need. These lifts are manufactured in our factory in Arp, Tx. Made in the USA with pride.

Contact us and we can assist you in the planning for an attic lift system to be installed in your home. Installation is available.

The Attic Lift
17622 State Highway 13
Arp, Tx 75750
(903) 705-5600



Got the lift installed today. Works great. Thanks for your help through the whole process.

Bradford Construction

I Love My Attic Lift!

L. Longstreet

This was the perfect choice for me.  Many lifts out there are cheaply made and don't lift the weight I wanted.

R. LeBlanc

I can tell you how much I appreciate all your professionalism from beginning to end.  The lift is absolutely fabulous! 

G. Lane

Made in Texas

Your Attic Lift is proudly made in our factory located in Arp, Texas using materials sourced from the United States of America.

Need Help Deciding?

We are happy to do a brief video call with you to help you decided on what lift works best for you as well as what location would be the best in your home or business. Call us today at (903) 705-5600 to learn more.