Helps you solve a problem  

  • Gets your garage back to being a garage by relocating storage items
  • Take the strain out of lugging items up the drop stairs
  • Safely move those heavy objects
  • No longer need to wait for someone else to carry the boxes up to the attic
  • Make your home a safer place

According to the Office of Statistics and Programming, as well as the National Center for Injury Prevention, there are five leading causes of nonfatal, unintentional injuries for all races and sexes. The Consumer Product Safety Commission conducted a study in 2005 to determine these causes and rank them according to how many individuals in the age group between 35 and 75 suffered from them:

• Fall—2,821,651 Cases 
• Overexertion—1,370,849 Cases 
• Struck by or Against—1,269,173 Cases
• MC-Occupant—1,112,422 Cases 
• Cut or Pierce—890,177 Cases


Our Attic lift makes your life easier by allowing you to move heavy boxes and furniture up to your attic from your garage. We ship and install our patented motorized lift system in homes nationwide.

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