Complete Install 12/4/23 & 12/5/23 and 12/20/23 & 12/21/23

The entire crew with the Attic Lift team has been top notch and the entire experience has been very smooth from start to finish. Amanda was very helpful in ensuring I got set up for the product I wanted and helped us do everything in a timely manner. Jacob did the installation and is an excellent technician and very pleasant to work with. Easy going demeanor with a ‘can do’ attitude who clearly takes every aspect of his work very seriously and pays close attention to the fine details.

I have such a great experience with my first attic lift install that I hired them for a second one which had already been completed! Overall, I give the crew working with Attic Lift an A+!!!
Joey R. 
Austin, Tx


Complete Install Benbrook, TX 12/18/23 & 12/19/23

Amanda and Jacob were a joy to work with from beginning to end. These days, it is not easy to find companies that have exceptional customer service and a great product with stellar work. Jacob did a fantastic job with our installation, and we LOVE our Attic Lift!

Christina G.

Complete Install New Braunfels, TX

Top quality product and superior customer service.  Amanda quickly responds with correct information to any questions.  Jacob, my installer, was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.  He arrived at the appointed time.  He is friendly and takes time to explain the workings of the lift until all my questions were answered. He cleaned up the construction mess, which he kept to a minimum. I have used the lift several times this month - much safer than carrying boxes of decorations up and down a ladder.

Thomas C.

Installed in Fort Worth, TX

Thanks, Amanda. Jacob did a great job! I’m glad to have the Attic Lift and will be using it tonight. Also, thanks for the great services and quick response.

I am highly recommending Attic Lift to everyone I know.


Bill M

Recommendations from Alignable:

     "I installed an attic lift in my home several years ago! It works flawlessly and is such a time & energy saver! Attic Lift LLC worked with me to meet my specific lift needs, and answered all of my "how-to" questions."- Brad H
      "I had him install a 4 x 6 attic lift in our workshop. One of the best things we did in there, saved my husband from carrying things up and down the attic stairs. Price was good, quick installation, friendly and did a great job. So worth the money."- Jan S
     "Jason installed our attic lift last year and it is a substantial help. We no longer have to carry things up the attic ladder!"- David C
      "I have used Attic Lift and highly recommend! Professional, timely, considerate. "- Kathyrn C
       "Awesome product and even better customer service!!!" - Steve B
Ship to North Carolina
The custom 500XL is installed and works fantastically and was easy to install. Please tell your team Thank you!!!, and Thank you to you as well.
Brent R.
Brandon, MS- Troubleshoot and Replacement Parts
A big shout out and thank you to theatticlift.com and especially their office manager Amanda for helping me with my 11 year old, discontinued lift purchased from them. She was most helpful and helped me with my different options. Thanks Amanda for going above and beyond!
Freddie Bagley
Install- Alvin, TX
I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much I appreciate everything you did to assist me with my order.  You took the time to explain the various lifts and to help me choose the lift that was right for my needs.  Your suggestions and recommendations on the opening size helped me to be better prepared for the installation.  The timing from the date of order to installation was excellent, less than 10 calendar days. The day of installation, you and Jacob kept me informed of his schedule.  When Jacob arrived, he was very professional and very knowledgeable about the lift.  He explained the entire installation process as he went along.  After installation he did a great job of informing us about the safe operation of the unit.   I certainly appreciate everything the two of you did in getting the lift installed in a very timely manner.  If anyone ever asks for a reference from someone who you guys have installed a lift for don't hesitate to give me a call.  I would be more than willing to talk to them.
Thanks Again,
David S. 
Complete Install Ft. Worth, TX

Great job!  Everything looks good.  I hope to get some use out of it this weekend as I start a little organization project!


Complete Install Alexandria, LA
These guys were easy to work with and the installation was professionally done with care. The technician was thorough and kind. He took time to make sure I was comfortable with the equipment and its use. I highly recommend these guys.
-Thomas Davenport 
2/3/23- WInters, CA
Thank you Amanda,
Very excited to get this installed and will definitely promote you guys to everyone I know out here.  Your customer service has been outstanding, and I really appreciate it.
1/12/23- Gig Harbor, WA
Your guys service and quality are awesome.  Everyone that comes to my house I have to show the lift to them.  My contractor for the garage has even brought people over to show them.   People love it.   Hope you guys get some sales out of all this free marketing I’m giving you. lol
Marcus and Heidi Hite
1/10/23- Replacement Parts
Our attic lift has been a great assist getting items in and out of our storage attic.  I don’t know how we would manage all our Christmas decorations without it.  After years of use, when we had a problem,  Amanda did a great job providing support and replacement parts.  A top rate product!
Ken Kuhn
Tyler, TX- Service Call
I just wanted to say thank you for the incredible customer service and work from your team.  I appreciated the quality of care you've given.  I will be highly recommending you!

Tyler, TX Service Call issued 10/13/22

Your service man was very professional in his work, and very nice.

Thank you.


Georgetown, TX

Installed 8/16/22 


At long last my new home reached the stage where we could install my Attic Lift.  Both my builder and I were there for the entire, and very quick,  1.5 hour installation, and we were both impressed.  The product itself looked and performed even better that I expected, but the installation team was really a bonus.  They were polite, professional, and amazingly competent at both the installation and the representation for your company.  Everything about the experience exceeded my expectations!  The bonus was that my builder watched and studied the operation and mused that he should start including them in all of his new homes, or at least offer them as an option.  I hope that works out for you all, and I just wanted to express my appreciation for a great experience in an era where customer service seems to have hit bottom.


Scott Medford 

Hi Amanda-

Thanks for a very professional install with Jacob. His ability to solve the clearance problem prevented a return install appointment.
I enjoyed hearing about the fabrication of some of the parts and the upgrades to the motors used. I was also surprised the no regular
lubrication of any of the components is required. The build looks really solid and should provide years of service.

All the best,
Bob Bradshaw
Hi Amanda, thank you & your team for making it happen. I’ve spoken about wanting an attic lift for years, but wasn’t sure where to turn. After doing much research, my builder recommended The Attic Lift company. We’re so glad he did!

When you notified me that I could have my lift installed after just 2 weeks from ordering it, I was thrilled.

Our experience with the installation could not have been better. Jacob, who travelled for six hours to get here, was more than willing to explain the process, and was very knowledgeable, friendly & trust-worthy. He worked almost non-stop until he had the lift fitting perfectly.

I highly recommend your company for anyone contemplating an attic lift. What a team you have!

John & Mary Finn
Covington, LA
I just wanted to thank you for the great customer service I experienced from Day 1. I am sure you get lots of phone calls that don't result in sales, but from the beginning you were responsive and very well versed in your product offering. I am not technical at all, but the info supplied, plus your discussions with my contractor made me feel very comfortable with the choice of an Attic Lift.
Thank you so much and hoping the rest goes with out a hitch.
Bill Ryan
Shane Lester- Springdale, AR Complete Install
Attic Lift! WOW!! What a great product! This makes taking items down or putting them in the attic so easy. No more potential injuries hoisting, pulling, or dropping. Getting the decorations down for Christmas will be a breeze! Super convenient and easy to operate. Friendly and professional staff. Thank you
Dear Amanda and The Attic Lift team,
I reached to The Attic Lift team very early in my Home construction journey (12/20/2020) and had the pleasure of speaking with Amanda about possible lift dimensions and options for my future home.  I was able to purchase the lift that very same day and Amanda was extremely flexible and professional in scheduling delivery at a later date..., actually multiple changes to shipping dates as the house had some delays along the way.  It was delivered on time and well packaged 08/23/2021 and I had the lift installed by my building contractor.  It has been a game changer as I have been able to use otherwise unusable space above my garage to easily store  items that would normally clutter my garage or basement.  After a few months, I had some issues and needed help with troubleshooting and Amanda was able to walk me through some areas to check.  After we went through and discovered the flaw that could have been due to a slight oversight during installation or a few loose hex bolts, Amanda and her team determined that a new motor would be the safest and best way to be sure the attic lift performs up to their high standards.  Amanda is shipping a new motor (at no cost) to be sure that the unit will work for many years which you really do not see from any other companies.  I am grateful that I chose this company and know that they truly back their product and go above and beyond in helping their customers.   I want to also add that anyone that comes to visit really is enamored with this lift...my builder was impressed as well.  I wanted to thank all involved and especially Amanda for being such a huge help.  I would refer anyone to this company without hesitation.
Thank you again,
Ryan S.
Shorewood, IL
Tyler, TX- Complete Install 1/20/22

Amanda, just sending you an email to let you know that the installation of our 500# lift was just finished.  The entire job was completed in less than two days.  Jacob did a great job with the installation, clean up, and in answering the many questions I had. 

 The first thing I noticed about the lift system is how solid and well built it is.  After Jacob finished the installation, he gave me a little “tour” regarding how to operate the lift and the many design features and how they relate to a safe operation.  You can tell that “safety” is a top priority with product design and operations.

 I’m extremely happy I purchased the remote control.  It is well worth the price for operating the lift.  I really like the safety features that are built into the remote that prevents the lift motor from being started accidentally. 

 I also want to thank you for your help in what I would call “active listening” as I talked about what I was looking for in the way of a lift and your explaining the options that would most likely meet my needs.  I think that went a long way towards me getting something I’m proud to own and am confident of it’s reliability.  I could not be more pleased. 

Thanks. Barry

Mico, TX- Service Call 12/2/21
Hi Amanda,

    Just a quick e-mail to follow-up now that Jacob has finished the job here.  Again, please make a note in our file that, if at all possible, we'd like Jacob back out here to perform any future repairs to our Attic Lift system.  He did a thoroughly professional job in every respect, starting with calling us half an hour out in the middle of the two hour window you gave us to expect him by, and then arriving almost exactly half an hour after the call as advertised.  He explained the cable replacement process up front in easily understandable terms and then set about the task without delay.  Once he had replaced the cables and retaped them for operator and system safety, he then adjusted cable tension and alignment until he had eliminated platform sway and the lift sat properly both on the ground and in place in our attic.  He has the perfectionists' attitude absolutely essential to assuring the safe and reliable operation of our lift system and we very much appreciate him doing the work.  Our thanks to you as well for arranging the schedule to permit him to make the repairs now when we use it the most over the holidays.  I cannot imagine trying to do this job myself.  The repairs he did are worth every penny spent!

     Please pass along our thanks as well to the folks at your company who designed and developed this versatile and valuable product.  I'm not sure we could stay in this home without it given all the things we haul on it up and downstairs.  Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

 Very Respectfully,

Mike Snedeker 

Tyler, TX- Service Call 12/1/21
Jacob just left. He did a fine job and is a nice young man.  Thank you for taking care of me so quickly, Amanda. You are a star.
Arlington, TX - Install 12/28/20


 I have been in the construction business for over 50 years and have seen many subcontractors and I want to let you know the installer was very knowledgeable and professional about the installation.

He double checked everything and was very detailed about the little things that make a good installation. This was very refreshing to see and I would give him an A+ grade.

I know I am going to enjoy the lift and will highly recommend you guys to some friends

 Thank you very much

Dennis Wilson

12/23/20 - Install 
Wow! The lift is great! I appreciate the team at The Attic Lift working with me to make sure my specific installation would work. The installation was professional and the lift works great!

Dry Prong, Louisiana
Pflugerville, TX ~Complete Installation~ 12/22/20
To Amanda & the Attic Lift team
I just want to say how much I love my garage lift. Its perfect for what I need. Your company went above & beyond to make this happen from Amanda to the gentlemen who installed. They paid attention to detail & kept me informed on what they would be doing during the entire time. They showed up on time & finished that day. Can't say enough about how great your service was thru the entire process.  I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for an attic lift. 
Cheryl H.

 to The ATTIC LIFT    FB Post:


Best investment we've ever made! We love our attic lift. Easy to use, and a power horse for lifting boxes, and decorations into the attic. Just fabulous!


July 23. 2020

Amanda and the Attic Lift Team,

I wanted to write a quick thank you to let you know how much I love our new attic lift.  As you know, we recently did a major home renovation and built a new garage.  Since the garage has 10 foot ceilings, a pull down ladder was not the ideal solution to carry large items.  The Attic Lift has made our upstairs storage area completely useful, instead of wasted space.  Everyone is impressed with our home renovation, but The Attic Lift always gets the most oohs and ahhs.  
Amanda, I sincerely appreciate you converting the installation instructions to Polish so my construction team could interpret them.  The video you sent was also really helpful.  In addition, the custom sized stowaway ramp your team built is a testament that you go above and beyond to ensure that every installation is a success. Most of all,  I appreciate your patience during the sales process to answer my MANY questions.  Great customer service 👍.
Thank you,
Clay Attebery
Wilmette, Illinois


June 10, 2020 

Amanda, I just wanted to take the time and thank you and your team for all your help with the lift.  The crew was incredible.  Very friendly and professional to say the least.

 I can tell you how much I appreciate all your professionalism from beginning to end.  The lift is absolutely fabulous! 

 Have a wonderful day and thank you again. 

 BTW, the builder of our home is incredibly impressed as well.  You just may realize some residual business from those guys.   

 Gary Don Lane

June 14, 2019


Please let the owner of the shop know how appreciative I am of or you and all your help in selecting the right lift as well as the work William did.  He was prompt, courteous and professional.  There were a few parts to my attic that needed attention before the lift was installed and he took care of them without batting an eye.  I appreciate the attention to detail as well.  I spent a long time searching for lifts for our home because of all the business materials that I have to move up and down.  This was the perfect choice for me.  Many lifts out there are cheaply made and don't lift the weight I wanted.  I also like the extra security chain for safety reasons.
Most Grateful,
Mr. René J. LeBlanc
Associate National Director, Pentathlon Institute, Inc. (Mathematics Pentathlon)
A Not-for-profit Educational Organization


May 30, 2019   

       Got the lift installed today. Works great. Thanks for your help through the whole process.

Auburn, Alabama   *Bradford Construction*

 November 1, 2018

To The Attic Lift:

Dear Amanda,

We just finished installing the lift in my garage and I must tell you it is better than I expected. Being 70 years old and nothing but a pull down ladder to access my storage space above my garage: I hurt myself many time trying to carry boxes needing storage up or down the ladder. When I researched what my options were and I saw your lifts on the internet, I further investigated and found yours was rated one of the best. The instructions are very useful and once understood, very easy to install. I thank you and your company for producing such an amazing product. My health and well being are everything to me and now I can move things at will up or down without worrying about getting hurt. As a side note, my neighbors saw the lift are were very interested for their own garage. 

- James Dickson   * Huntley, Illinois*


August 26, 2018

Dear Jason & Amanda:


I Love My Attic Lift!

Thanks from a thoroughly satisfied customer.
   Lee Longstreet
October 15, 2017
Hello everyone at Attic Lift and I hope this message finds you well....
I first want to say thank you to Amanda for being so helpful every time that I reached out to ask questions before the order, when I did the order, and during the install of my custom 750 pound lift. I'm glad to say my new baby is installed and she just needs the trim and a coat of paint and she will be hidden away but not forgotten.... Who ever hired her found the right person for the job! Keep up the good work!
I have used my lift about a dozen time this weekend and L-O-V-E IT!
- Joe Moorefield
August 11, 2017
Hi Amanda,
My lift is awesome. Jason did a great job and fast too. I appreciate all of your assistance. Chalk me up as another satisfied customer.
July 2, 2017
I wanted to thank you so much for installing our lift last week. Everything looks fantastic and the install job was excellent! 
Thank y’all very much!
-Jarrod C. Leisch, DDS
May 25, 2017
The install went great. That is a great product y'all have!
Thanks again,
- Troy

I highly recommend Jason! We hired him to install his lift in our existing storage area in our garage. My husband made a last-minute change and asked Jason if he could please install the lift on the outside of our storage area. Jason looked at the area where we wanted it installed and said, "No problem! I can do it!" He was only in Orange County (flew in from TX) for a day and a half. He went to Home Depot and bought all the supplies, lumber, etc. he needed to build our mezzanine for our lift! The next morning before he left he said, "I can install the drywall so all you have to do is have a painter come out and paint it!" He exceeded our expectations and then some! I wish I had another area for a lift, I would hire him again without hesitation! The best customer service ever! He loves what he does and it shows in his workmanship! Bringing down all my holiday tubs of decorations, Christmas tree, etc. this year was a breeze! No longer will I be climbing up a ladder and lifting the heavy tubs over my head into the storage area! More importantly, never falling off a ladder again!!

- Linda Martin

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