Dependable Motorized Platform Lift System

The Attic Lift makes your life easier by allowing you to move heavy boxes and furniture up to your attic from your garage. We install our patented platform lift system in homes throughout the Southern United States and ship nationwide.

Lift System

Utilize your attic space for more efficient storage instead of just junk with our attic lift. Simply install our platform lift in your garage or other area of your home to help move bulky items from one level to the next. Moving cargo on a lift is easier and safer than carrying boxes up a steep flight of narrow steps.

You no longer have to worry about experiencing an unnecessary fall while balancing and navigating the steps of a flimsy, fold-down ladder. Our lift is predominantly installed in newly constructed homes, although it can also be retrofitted for your existing space.

Our lifts are easy to operate and rarely have any issues, so they are a reliable addition to your home. Whether you are a home builder or a home owner, ask us about our available custom sizes to fit your current project or application.

Attic Lift Work in Progress with Lift Let Down

Contact us to install our motorized platform lift system in your new home to make moving boxes to your attic a lot easier!